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Muslim dating is a term that has risen as the world has become more globalized and secular. While Muslim dating is considered a controversial topic, many Muslims are beginning to wonder whether the idea of dating is such a bad thing. Traditionally, the concept of dating while Muslim was frowned upon and was actually considered taboo; however ... Some dating sites only allow you to communicate with the matches they send you, while others will let you chat with anyone on the site. A few others things you may want to consider include whether there is a mobile app, the different methods of communication offered by the site, how many photos you can include in your profile, and the cost of a ... Modern Muslim relationships rules require you to date a person for as long as you need. So wait until you are ready to take the next step and propose. Those Muslims who live in the UK, USA, and Europe go on dates, hold hands, kiss, and hug in public places. When dating Muslim women, take your time and develop your relationship slowly. Muslim families are often very close, so when you are dating a Muslim man or dating a Muslim woman, you will typically spend a lot of time with their family. There is a chance that you might not be immediately accepted if you to not follow the Islamic religion. Muslim Dating in the US. For the 80% of American Muslims who rate their religion as ‘very important’ to their daily lives, 1 finding a suitable partner can be tricky. After all, when you identify as single Muslim, ‘dating culture’ doesn’t always appeal: it’s not necessarily the best way to find someone who is serious about love. Muslim Dating Welcome to LoveHabibi - the Web's favorite place for Muslim dating worldwide. Whether you're new to this or finding out about LoveHabibi for the first time, signup free today and connect with other Muslims looking for free online dating and find your very own LoveHabibi.

Saudis are Jews

2017.04.25 01:28 timoppenheimer Saudis are Jews

The Jewish roots of the Saudi Royal Family
The House of Saud refers to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. While the modern nation of Saudi Arabia was established in 1932, the House of Saud has been around for much longer. Prior to Ibn Saud, this family ruled the Nejd and often came into conflict with the Ottoman Empire and the Rashidis. The House of Saud is also linked with Wahhabism through the marriage of the son of Muhammad ibn Saud with the daughter of Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab in 1744.
The history of the House of Saud has been marked by a desire to unify the Arabian Peninsula and to spread a more pure and simple view of Islam embodied by Wahhabism. As such, the House of Saud has gone through three phases: the First Saudi State, the Second Saudi State, and the modern nation of Saudi Arabia.
It should be noted that Saudi Arabia is the only country on Earth named after a family: the adjective "Saudi" indicates something belonging to the House of Saud. To know more about 'House of Saud' click the link below:
This is Research and Presentation of MOHAMMAD SAKHER who was ordered killed by the Saudi Regime for the following findings: Are the Saudi Family members belonging to the Tribe of ANZA BEN WA'EL as they allege to be? Is Islam their actual religion? Are they of an ARAB ORIGIN at all?
In the year 851 A.H. a group of men from AL MASALEEKH CLAN, which was a branch of ANZA Tribe, formed a caravan for buying cereals (wheat and corn) and other food stuff from IRAQ, and transporting it back to NAJD. The head of that group was a man called SAHMI BIN HATHLOOL. The caravan reached BASRA, where the members of the group went to a cereal merchant who was a Jew, Called MORDAKHAI BIN IBRAHIM BIN MOSHE'. During their bargaining with that merchant, the Jew asked them : "Where are you from?" They answered: "From ANZA TRIBE; a clan of AL MASALEEKH." Upon hearing that name, the Jew started to hug so affectionately each one of them saying that he, himself, was also from the clan of AL MASALEEKH, but he had come to reside in BASRA (IRAQ) in consequence to a family feud between his father and some members of ANZA Tribe.
After he recounted to them his fabricated narrative, he ordered his servants to load all the camels of the clan's members with wheat, dates and tamman; a remarkable deed so generous that astonished the MASALEEKH men and aroused their pride to find such an affectionate (cousin) in IRAQ- the source of their sustenance; they believed each word he said , and , because he was a rich merchant of the food commodities which they were badly in need, they liked him (even though he was a Jew concealed under the garb of an Arab from AL MASALEEKH clan).
When the caravan was ready to depart returning to NAJD, that Jewish Merchant asked them to accept his company, because he intended to go with them to his original homeland, NAJD. Upon hearing that from him, they wholeheartedly welcomed him with a very cheerful attitude.
So that (concealed) Jew reached NAJD with the caravan. In NAJD, he started to promulgate a lot of propaganda for himself through his companions (his alleged cousins), a fact, which gathered around him a considerable number of new supporters; but, unexpectedly, he confronted a campaign of opposition to his views led by SHEIKH SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA AL TAMIMI, who was a Muslem religious preacher in AL-QASEEM. The radius of his preaching area included Najd, Yemen, and Hijaz, a fact which compelled the Jew (the Ancestor of the present SAUDI FAMILY to depart from AL QASEEM to AL IHSA, where he changed his name (MORDAKHAI) To MARKHAN BIN IBRAHIM MUSA. Then he changed the location of his residence and settled at a place called DIR'IYA near AL-QATEEF, where he started to spread among the inhabitants a fabricated story about the shield of our Prophet MOHAMMAD (p.b.u.h), that it was taken as a booty by an Arab Pagan in consequence of OHOD Battle between the Arab pagans and the Muslems. "That shield, he said, was sold by the Arab Pagan to a Jewish Clan called BANU QUNAIQA' who preserved it as a treasure! He gradually enhanced his position among the Bedouins through such stories which indicated how the Jewish clans in Arabia were so influential and deserved high esteem. He gained some personal importance among the Bedouins, and decided to settle permanently there, at DIR'IYA town, near AL QATEEF, which he decided to be his (Capital) on the Persian Gulf. He aspired to make it his spring board for establishing a Jewish Kingdom in Arabia.
In order to fulfill his ambitious scheme, he started to approach the desert Arab Bedouins for support of his position, them gradually, he declared himself as their king!
At that juncture, AJAMAN Tribe together with BANU KHALED Tribe became fully aware of that Jewish cunning plan after they had verified his true identity, and decided to put an end to him. They attacked his town and conquered it, but before arresting him he had escaped by the skin of his teeth.
That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI), sought shelter in a farm called at that time AL-MALIBEED-GHUSAIBA near AL-ARID, which is called at our present time : AL-RIYADH.
He requested the owner of that farm to grant him an asylum. The farmer was so hospitable that he immediately gave him sanctuary. But that Jew (MORDAKHAI), no longer than a month had he stayed there, when he assassinated the land lord and all members of his family, pretending that all were killed by an invading band of thieves. Then he pretended that he had bought that real estate from them before that catastrophe happened to them! Accordingly, he had the right to reside there as a land lord. He then gave a new name to that place: He named it AL-DIRIYA - the same name as that he had lost.
That Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY (MORDAKHAI), was quick to establish a "GUEST HOUSE" called "MADAFFA" on the land he usurped from his victims, and gathered around him a group of hypocrites who started to spread out false propaganda for him that he was a prominent Arab Sheikh. He plotted against Sheikh SALEH SALMAN ABDULLA AL TAMIMI, his original enemy, and caused his assassination in the mosque of the town called (AL-ZALAFI).
After that, he felt satisfied and safe to make (AL-DIRIYA) his permanent home. There he practiced polygamy at a wide scale, and indeed, he begot a lot of children whom he gave pure Arab names.
Eversince his descendants grew up in number and power under the name of SAUDI CLAN, they have followed his steps in practicing under ground activities and conspiracies against the Arab Nation. They illegally seized rural sectors and farm lands, and assassinated every person who tried to oppose their evil plans. They used all kinds of deceit for reaching their goals: they bought the conscience of their dissidents; they offered their women and money to influential people in that area, particularly to those who started to write the true biography of that Jewish Family; they bribed writers of history in order to purify their ignominious history, and make their lineage related to the most prominent Arab Tribes such as RABI'A, ANZA and ALMASALEEKH.
A conspicuous hypocrite in our era whose name is MOHAMMAD AMIN AL TAMIMI- DirectoManager of the contemporary Libraries of the SAUDI KINGDOM, made up a genealogical tree (FAMILY TREE) for this JEWISH FAMILY (THE SAUDIS), connecting them to our Great Prophet, MOHAMMAD (P.B.U.H). For his false work, he received a reward of 35 (THIRTY FIVE) THOUSAND EYPTIAN POUNDS from the then SAUDI AMBASSADOR TO CAIRO, EGYPT, in the year 1362 AH.- 1943 A.D. The name of that Ambassador is : IBRAHIM AL-FADEL.
As aforementioned, the Jewish Ancestor of the SAUDI FAMILY, (MORDAKHAI), practiced polygamy by marrying a lot of Arab women and begot many children; his polygamous practice is, at the present time, being carried out " to the letter" by his descendants; they cling to his marital heritage!
One of MORDAKHAI'S sons called AL-MAQARAN, arabized from the Jewish root (MACK-REN) begot a son called Mohammad, then another son called SAUD, which is the name of the present day SAUDI DYNASTY.
Descendants of SAUD (the present day SAUDI FAMILY )started a campaign of assassination of the prominent leaders of the Arab Tribes under the pretence that those leaders were apostates; renegading from the Islamic Religion, and deserting their Koranic doctrines; so they deserved the SAUDI condemnation and slaughter!
In the History Book of the SAUDI FAMILY pages (98-101), their private family historian declares that the SAUDI DYNASTY considers all the people of NAJD blasphemous; so their blood must be shed, their properties confiscated, and their females be taken as concubines; no muslem is authentic in his /her belief unless he/she belongs (affiliates) to the sect of MOHAMMAD BIN ABDUL WAHAB, (whose origins are also Jewish from TURKEY.) His doctrines give authority to the SAUDI FAMILY to destroy the villages with all their inhabitants-males including children, and to sexually assault their women; stab the bellies of the pregnant, and cut off the hands of their children, then burn them! They are further authorized by such a BRUTAL DOCTRINE to plunder all the properties of whom they call renegades (not following their Wahabi Sect).
Their hideous Jewish Family has, in fact, done all that kind of atrocities in the name of their false religious sect (the Wahabi), which has actually been invented by a Jew so as to sow the seeds of terror in the hearts of people in towns and villages. This Jewish Dynasty has been committing such brutal atrocities eversince 1163 A.H. They have named the whole Arabian Peninsula after their family name (SAUDI ARABIA) as if the whole region is their own personal real estate, and that all other inhabitants are their mere servants or slaves, toiling day and night for the pleasure of their masters (THE SAUDI FAMILY).
They are completely holding the natural wealth of the country as their own property. If any poor person from the common people raises his/her voice complaining against any of the despotic rules of this Jewish Dynasty, (the Dynasty) cuts off his/her head in the public square. A princess of theirs once visited FLORIDA, USA, with her retinue; she rented 90 (NINETY) Suite rooms in a Grand Hotel for about One Million Dollars a night! Can anyone of their subjects comment about that extravagant event If he/she does, his/her fate is quite known: DEATH WITH THE EDGE OF THE SAUDI SWORD IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE!!!!!!
Witnesses on the Jewish Ancestry of this Saudi Family: **In the 1960's the "SAWT AL ARAB" Broadcasting Station in Cairo, Egypt, and the YEMEN Broadcasting Station in SANA'A confirmed the Jewish Ancestry of the SAUDI Family *King FAISAL AL-SAUD at that time could not deny his family's kindred with the JEWS when he declared to the WASHINGTON POST on Sept. 17, 1969 stating: "WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (ARABIA) is the Fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world." *HAFEZ WAHBI, The SAUDI Legal Adviser, mentioned in his book entitled: "THE PENINSULA OF ARABIA" that KING ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD, who died in 1953, had said : "Our Message (SAUDI MESSAGE) encountered the opposition of all Arab Tribes; my grandfather, SAUD AWAL, once imprisoned a number of the Sheikhs of MATHEER Tribe; and when another group of the same tribe came to intercede for the release of the prisoners, SAUD AWAL gave orders to his men to cut off the heads of all the prisoners, then, he wanted to humiliate and derogate the interceders by inviting them to eat from a banquet he prepared from the cooked flesh of his victims whose cut off heads he placed on the top of the food platters!! The interceders became so alarmed and declined to eat the flesh of their relatives; and, because of their refusal to eat, he ordered his men to cut off their heads too. That hideous crime was committed by that self imposed king to innocent people whose guilt was their opposition to his most cruel and extremely despotic rules. **HAFEZ WAHBI, states further that King ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD related that bloody true story to the Sheikhs of the MATHEER Tribe, who visited him in order to intercede for their prominent leader at that time, FAISAL AL DARWEESH, who was the king's prisoner. He related that story to them in order to prevent them from interceding for the release of their Sheikh; otherwise, they would face the same fate; He killed the Sheikh and used his blood as an ablution liquid for him just before he stood up for his prayer (after the false sect doctrine of the Wahabi); The guilt of FAISAL DARWEESH at that time was that he had criticized King ABDUL AZIZ AL-SAUD when the king signed the document which the English Authorities prepared in 1922 as a declaration for giving PALESTINE to the Jews; his signature was obtained in the conference held at AL AQEER in 1922.
That was and still is the system of this Regime of the JEWISH FAMILY (SAUDI FAMILY): All its goals are : plundering the wealth of the country, robbing, falsifying, and committing all kinds of atrocity, iniquity, and blasphemy-all are executed in compliance with their self invented Wahabi Sect which legalizes the chopping of the heads of their opposing subjects.
This is the Saudi Arabian Police Badge, look carefully. It symbolizes "one-eyed". This "one-eyed" symbol is used by the Freemasons. Freemasons are the Devil Worshipers. They work in Illuminati.[1] In addition, most of the members of Freemasons are Jews. You can see more from the following matter
[1]The Illuminati is basically the government and they worship satan. They control all of the media. Many of the presidents or prime ministers of any country work for them and implement their agenda secrately. Their symbol is seen everywhere. If anyone looks close s/he would see it. It's on tv everyday. It's in these music videos. It's even in politics. What is Freemasonry / Illuminati by Sheikh Imran Hosein
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2015.03.19 16:08 Turil More on neurochemistry and personality type

Within personality, we know that being highly masculine is associated with higher levels of testosterone, and being highly feminine is associated with higher levels of estrogen (and for humans this is especially notable when these hormones are surging during the first nine months of life, as a fetus). More recent research has indicated that men who are highly masculine are more attracted to women who are highly feminine, and vice versa. But what I just realized is that an individual can have both high levels of testosterone and high levels of estrogen.
This goes a long way to explain both David and I!
Now, Helen Fisher, who does a lot of work on love and it’s biochemical basis has done some work on personality (especially its relationship to romantic relationships), and she has also presented a preliminary theory of neurochemicals and personality, mostly involving dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen.
(For the record, I think she’s on the right track, but has a few things that are a bit off. And her four basic personality elements is kind of wacky, and also her mapping of the basic elements onto the MBTI is only a bit accurate/useful, and I would say that her Dopamine/Explorer is really the Extravert, not Perceiving, and her Estrogen/Negotiator is actually Perceiving, not Extravert, and her Serotonin/Builder category is a big mess that seems to actually combine the two opposing ends of the S/N dimension! However, I’ve only just now read her book Why Him? Why Her? from several years ago, so the ideas in it might be a bit out of date, so she might have sorted things out a bit better by now.)
So, Fisher (seemingly correctly) points out that high levels of testosterone are associated with the Thinking type, which is all about logic and objectivity and making decisions based on looking at things from three different perspectives to get a more robust, 3D picture of how things work. This is your typical “on average, men are better at [mainstream] science/math/geeky-stuff than women”, which is both controversial and accurate. And, on the other hand, estrogen is associated with more “big picture thinking”, i.e., Perceiving, which we might also call “systems thinking”, which is an even more robust approach to understanding reality by looking at things from four different perspectives for a more 4D (3D space plus 1D time) grasp of it all. This is why women might be said to be better at “multitasking” and being able to collaborate with diverse groups/individuals.
And since these two types of thinking/viewing reality — highly masculine and highly feminine — are separate elements/functions/chemicals, they can coexist in the same individual. I never realized that before. They are the TP types.
Of course, this also means that there can be folks with both low male hormones and low female hormones at the same time. They are, I guess, FJ types.
But, it’s also important to remember that the third and fourth person (F/T and J/P) dimensions are still developing in adults. And the older we get, the more we grow into the more fully developed Thinking and Perceiving end of these dimensions, even if we weren’t born with the genes for these kinds of personality type elements. So while someone might be an F and/or J when younger, they might become a T and/or P as they are naturally wizened by decades of experience. (Though, clearly, not everyone is so lucky, and “conservatively” stick with whatever their ingroup believes is “right” whether that is a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Libertarian, Christian, Jewish, Muslem, Academic “Science”, or whatever belief system they are generally surrounded by). And, some folks who do have the Thinking and Perceiving genes (and early environment) might simply take a long time to blossom, so to speak. (So they might seem to change personality dramatically later in life, compared to others.)
I think that just like I changed dramatically into an INTP later in life (from an INFJ), David might be going through that change as well. I mean, I’m totally in love with him and look forward to spending our whole lives together, as much as possible, no matter what his more complex personality type is (made even easier now that I’m a P, with such an open minded approach to exploring life). The reason why I think he’s born to be an INTP as well is because he’s just as strongly masculine and strongly feminine as I am. We are naturally both, both aggressive and nurturing. Both hard and soft. Both logical/objective and big-picture thinkers. He just might be taking a bit longer to bloom than I did, for some reason, and his logic and systems thinking haven’t been able to really come out to play with the world just yet.
One more reason why I think David is a Perceiver, at least, is that it turns out that there is a direct correlation between certain finger length and testosterone and estrogen during fetal development. Men with lots of extra estrogen when developing end up having a longer pointer (first) finger, or at least a pointer finger that is fairly close in length to the ring (third) finger, compared to men who didn’t have extra estrogen. And women who have an extra long ring finger, compared to their pointer finger, are those who had extra testosterone in their mom’s womb. This means that long pointer fingered men are generally more Perceiving, and long ring fingered women are generally more Thinking, compared to “normal” folks. And David, as far as I can tell from the few photos I have of his hands, has a pointer finger that is as long as or longer than his ring finger. So it looks like he’s got a lot of estrogen in him, which means he’s likely to gravitate towards being a Perceiver. And I’ve got a very long ring finger compared to my pointer, and I’ve always known that I was more masculine (testosteroney) than most other females, so I’m a Thinker (which was evident in the fact that most folks around me thought I was going to go to MIT when I was a kid). And David, of course, has tested well for being a genius at mainstream logic/math/geeky stuff, even if he doesn’t tend to have a lot of confidence in it, or get much of a chance to really have his exceptional Thinking skills appreciated so that they can flourish. So I really do think he’s going to some day pop open as an INTP, and surprise a whole lot of folks. :-)
I also should point out that it looks like the way folks identify their ideal partners is to share the preferences for the first two categories (I/E for first person, and S/N for second person), and then have at least one preference for the other two, higher, categories (F/T for third person, and J/P for fourth person).
I’ve also refined the four basic sets of behavioral personality, as seen from a mainstream psychiatric viewpoint, where everything and everyone can be disordered from someone’s perspective!
IS = Avoidant (Autism/Asbergers end of things)
IN = Borderline/Anxiety (Schizotypal end of things)
ES = Histrionic (Dramatic)
EN = Hyperactive/ADD/Type-A (otherwise known as basically healthy)
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2013.07.01 18:34 Dubshack Response back from Dr. Graves on C14 Dating: Evangelicals have their own secret dating machine

Someone had asked me about YEC Christians using normal labs for Carbon 14 dating... I needed to ask Dr. Graves about the subject of my final paper, we are supposed to research a particular archaeologist. I wanted to look into Bryant Wood, as he's made significant discoveries (though I disagree with him on Bab edh Dhra, but to be fair I'm not sure at the time even he was totally on board with it since it's completely in the wrong era) but there is not a lot written about him as an Archaeologist. I wanted to do this because I can't think of a legitimate scientist more maligned on Wikipedia simply because he is a Biblical Inerrentist. He is, but his research and work are based on the same scientific principles as other archaeologists in the field... and besides that, most sites are dated by pottery, not C14 data. So out of curiosity I went ahead and asked... Dr. Graves, having just suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago, clearly has not lost his sense of humor.
Dear Michael,
Thanks for your prayers and will reciprocate them for your mom.
On your paper while Bryant Wood would be great (he is a good friend and known him for over 35 years) it might be difficult finding info on him. Bible and Spade magazine was his project for many years but has recently had cancer and given it up. I’d stick with Albright or Kenyon as there will be more sources.
On Carbon 14 we Christians have a secret carbon 14 machine that only evangelical Christian archaeologists use but you have to know the password to get into the facility. Of course I’m joking but never amazes me at how stupid the unbelieving public can be. We all use university labs and normally they receive an unidentified carbon deposit that is sent for testing. Some large universities which have archaeology projects may have their own labs. If anything these secular universities may have their own biases. There are also independent labs which do carbon 14. We want to do some C-14 testing but it is very expensive. It is not used as much anymore as it is not that accurate and the calibration must be adjusted for many variables and unknowns.
To prevent this on our site at Tall el-Hammam we use a triple blind pottery reading method which is the only site in the Middle East that I’m aware of that does uses this method. All pottery is read three different times by three different sets of scholars (Muslem, Christian, Secular) to maintain independence and accuracy. What they all agree it that there is no Late Bronze pottery at Tall el-Hammam.
Hope this helps,
Dr. David E. Graves
Assistant Professor
Liberty University Online, School of Religion
So there you go... C14 is a blind study when used. I still don't know that Dr. Graves follows the YEC camp, but I don't think he does since he works with Dr. Collins on Tall el-Hammam, Dr. Collins position would not put him in that strict interpretation camp. I actually think he's got excellent arguments for dating the way he does. I think if I were to do it, I'd consider all literature myself as well and trust the geography to better interpret the story.
Also I think it sucks that Dr. Wood has had to step back because of cancer... I have a dear friend that managed to overcome it, and I hope he does as well. I just think it's piss that people dismiss him just because of his theological position. If I could find an article on the difference between him and that of say, Eilat Mazar, I'd definitely post it.
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